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本單元介紹kernel method的基本概念與計算特徵空間中的距離與角度的方法,
並提供一個簡單的例子來讓您初步探索kernel method的奧妙。
在本單元的後面,點出了kernel method背後的幾個重要定理與表示法:
1. Characterization of Kernels
2. Dual Representation
3. Wahba’s Representer Theorem
並提供一些練習題,讓您更了解kernel method的精髓。
The basic concepts of kernel method including
how to compute the distances and angles in the feature space
are introduced in this video.
Moreover, we use a sample example and you can easily understand the power of kernel method.
In the end of the video, some important theorems and the presentation way,
e.g. “Characterization of Kernels,” “Dual Representation,” and “Wahba’s Representer Theorem,”
are described.
In addition, we provide some exercises for you.
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