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Multicasting in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is an efficient method for group communications that has received considerable attention. However, developing a scalable, robust and efficient multicast method in MANETs is difficult owing to group membership management and the ability to maintain a multicast structure over a dynamic topology. This work presents a novel Robust Mesh-based Multicast Protocol (RMMP) that integrates the advantages of tree-based and mesh-based multicast protocols and reduces data recovery time when paths break. The proposed RMMP is performed in two ways. One is to construct a multicast structure using a binary tree, and the other is to provide a second-route discovery scheme. The former distributes transmission averagely among member nodes, and the latter reduces the number of articulation nodes to eliminate loss of data packets.
Simulation results demonstrate that the RMMP is suitable for heavy traffic loads, and achieves a high delivery ratio. Furthermore, the RMMP is robust in recovering data transmission when paths break.

Keywords: MANETs, multicast, articulation node, inorder sequence, expanding ring search.

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